That's me in the middle, with a couple other fun lady journos. It's a lady journo sandwich, and it sure is delicious.

That’s me in the middle, with a couple other fun lady journos. It’s a lady journo sandwich, and it sure is delicious. And there’s Chris, on the left. Chris is a film god.

Hi, I’m Tina, and I love people, magazines, the Midwest and Ozarks and other such hills, nature, journalism and art. If you need proof, I have degrees from the University of Missouri in Anthropology and Magazine Journalism (emphases on publishing, investigative journalism, and environmental journalism…because I was in school for-ev-er) and minors in biology and art. I’m an eighth-generation Missourian and intend to keep that rolling. So my interests are varied, but predictable.

Here’s the plan: in the next few years I’ll launch a magazine built on great thinkers and artists from all around the hilly, south-central U.S. You’ll love it and subscribe to it and share it with all your friends. And for now I’ll blog all my indie magazine inspirations, beautiful bursts of nature/culture, and whatever else pertains to my eventual, inevitable media empire.


The Gasconader hones in on ideas of creativity and curation, but all of the following is fair game: bravery, business, leadership, regional and indie magazines, outdoor adventure, hard work, environmental and social justice, longform storytelling, following your dreams, and loving where you live. Especially if where you live is the lower Midwest or the Ozarks or Oklahoma or yes, even Kansas.

You can learn more about me and my writing on my portfolio, see what I’m reading on Twitter, and look at what I’m looking at on Instagram. You can even email me. I’d like that. It’s tina[dot]casagrand@gmail.com. Better yet, leave a comment and share with the class.


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