{ Podcasts, Fall 2015 }

October 27, 2015 § Leave a comment

On our roadtrip this summer, Katie asked me to make a list of podcasts for her. But she never gave me a deadline, and my tastes kept changing, annnd now it’s almost November. As a former data entry assistant, girrrrl, I know podcasts. There’s the Podcast as Educator, Podcast as Time-Waster, Podcast as Conversation with Person Who Could Be Your Best Friend.

My podcast docket changes based on life circumstances. Data entry is different from driving or cleaning house (for instance, I used to binge listen to Marc Maron interviews but not that I don’t have much time, I choose shorter and finer podcasts). But hey Katie, here. Here’s your list. For now. You can search on the iTunes store for each one.

Longform: Always a favorite, each episode is an hour-long interview with a longform journalist. I learn about writing, finding story ideas, struggles the writers have that I can relate to. Sometimes they even talk to editors, which is worth its own post on this magazine blog. But lately I haven’t been listening to Longform because it makes me want to jump out the door and write when instead I should be working on my magazine.

On Leadership: The Washington Post did this podcast with interviews from creative and business leaders. As a baby publisher, I love learning from people who have “made it” (and that they weren’t all instantly successful).

Press Publish: Nieman Labs revived this podcast that talks about innovative technology and journalism. Recent interviews include BuzzFeed’s audio director on targeting diverse audiences and TheAtlantic.com’s editor about bringing blogging back to the website.

Another Round: I usually dismiss “talk” podcasts as obnoxious chatter (most notably one I tried of a Southern couple reviewing wine), but Heben and Tracy are vibrant and interesting and, importantly, not in the middle-age-white-guy demographic that tends to control most podcasts. So I learn about their worlds, and it makes my world richer. So I like it. You would like it.

99% Invisible: You’ll like this one. It’s all well-produced stories everyday cultural phenomena, like office chairs or horror movie music.

This American Life: Classic. Unlike some more experimental podcasts, this delivers a predictable format that mixes serious journalism with entertaining weirdness. No one does storytelling better.

Death, Sex & Money: Yay, another one-on-one interview format. The title determines the subjects, which are inherently fascinating.

Stardate: What’s happening in the night sky!

Tara Brach: My friend Harum recommended this while we were on our trip, and I’m so grateful she did. The author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge, Tara Brach gives weekly talks on emotional healing and spiritual awakening using Buddhist mindfulness and science to teach new ways of thinking. I’ve learned new vocabulary for dealing with pervasive struggles we all endure and continue to grow as I listen and put the concepts into practice.

Honorary Mentions: Snap Judgment, WTF with Marc Maron, Serial (come back!), The Story Collider, 99u, Radiolab (but mostly because my homegirl Abigail Keel is working there right now)

{ Also }

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