{ Pressurized Joy, Pressurized Tragedy }

June 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

For now, as I build my media empire, I also get a sweet paycheck for my mad data entry skillz. The mental exertion required for this is comparable to the pulse of a torpid whip-poor-will, so I fill in the brain space with podcasts. 20 hours of podcasts. Every week. And I take notes on those podcasts. And so for approximately half a year, I’ve accrued quite the stack of scribbled phrases, made-up codes and time notations, all for the purpose of…what? Sharing with…you? Would you like that? For the next week or so, I’ll purge my private inspirations through links, short quotes and likely little commentary.

Paterniti-01Here’s the first, from a recent Longform interview with Michael Paterniti. On the characters he chooses:

[50:00] “I’m interested in underdogs and normal people, and people who have been acted upon by huge forces of history or nature, and I want to see how these cataclysmic events change a life and how people find a way to piece lives back together . . . It’s so interesting to take people and pressurize them, whether it’s pressurized joy or pressurized tragedy.”

You’d write that down too, right?
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