{ A Confederate Soldier’s Thoughts on Human Trafficking }

March 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

Observed by my friend and former art professor Matt Ballou:

Portrait of Jeremy Grove from Matt Ballou’s “Becoming the Student” series.

“A good thing to come from my participation in reenactments is that we highlight a time when slavery was an issue. The reality is that human trafficking is still an issue; slavery is still an issue. And if, through my portraying a Confederate soldier, I can have conversations and engage with people – and ultimately raise awareness of the reality that human trafficking is perhaps worse now than it has ever been in history – then I feel that it’s a good way to use history to learn from our past and make a change.” – Jeremy Grove

Emphasis my own. Really striking thoughts coming from a Confederate reenactor, a symbol so easy to stereotype—for some people, anyway. (And by “some people,” I mean Northerners. And by “Northerners,” I don’t mean to imply Missouri is part of the South.) Read more from the “2nd Corporal, 3rd Missouri Infantry, CSA.”

Matt, the artist, is a thoughtful, passionate, lightning-bolt-and-ensuing-slow-fire of a person, and I’m proud to know him. He has been blogging for years and recently started a series of posts called “Becoming the Student,” where he shares a portrait and pieces of wisdom from the people he draws. This is the sixth. Go check him out at his blog, eikonktizo!

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