Why “Gasconader?” Someone once pointed out that it’s an anagram of my last name, which never occurred to me, and actually is not, but it’s pretty close. So that’s cool.




  1. boastful or blustery talk
  2. extravagant boasting

“Gasconader” is honestly a really terrible name to adopt for an online presence. It’s archaic and doesn’t mean anything to most people. Most people, that is, except…

Missourians! Ah, yes, the best of the people.

See, the Gasconade River is the longest river in the state, and it touches the two places where I grew up. It’s big as rivers go, and it meanders and winds 280 miles from the Ozarks to the Missouri River. It’s green and deep and peaceful. You’d only know this if you had local knowledge, so adopting its name is a wink to the folks on the ground here in Missouri. Because really, everything I do is for them.


Which brings me back to the dictionary definition. “Extravagant boasting” is kind of what I think of personal media like blogs and Twitter, even though I use blogs and Twitter. I’d rather not use my real name in conjunction with something inherently self-centered. And whatever I blog or tweet is not who I am. And if I do brag—when I do—I prefer to do it on other people doing great things.


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